Sunday, 2 October 2011


Both the denim waistcoat and the stripy shorts are from charity shops/thrifted.
The waistcoat cost around £2 and the shorts were previously trousers and cost me £3.50.
I cut the stripy trousers and folded up the ends. I then bought some studs from ebay and customised my back pocket. I have had so many compliments on these shorts and I feel so proud seeing as I sort of made them, haha. With the leftover material from the shorts I cut a ‘T’ into the material (seeing my name is Tiger!) and sewed it onto my waistcoat.
Do you like them?

Tigerlilly xxx


  1. such a cute outfit, i love the shorts and the 'T' is such a creative idea.

  2. thank you for your comment, I just checked out your blog and it's great! am a new follower :-) !


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