Monday, 13 February 2012

Jumble sale bargains

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Everything was 20p! You honestly cant go wrong, so even with stuff I couldn’t make my mind up about I got because, c’mon its only 20p. It makes charity shops look expensive.
I cut the red jumper and ripped it so it looks distressed and less boring.
I also cut the Toronto top as I wanted it to be a sort of 90s crop top style.

Lots of love,
Tigerlilly xxxx


  1. Oh wow, jealous. The blue jumper is like that topshop one that's around at the moment, the red jumper is so similar to this one in romwe and that top you cut is perfect.x

  2. Ah yeah I know, that's why I wanted the blue one because I really wanted the topshop one! I nearly screamed when I found it hahaha xx

  3. Just come across your blog, actually love it! Keep it up :)

  4. Love how you cut the Toronto top. Argh this makes me want to go thrifting... Midterm week tho... BUT I will def go to Value Village once this week is over phew.


  5. ahh where are these jumble sales you go to?! i'd love to go to one, you get some amazing stuff!xx


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