Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brick Arch

(Hat: Accessorise, Top: Fashion Temple, Shorts: DIY charity jobby, Belt: Jumble Sale, Shoes: Shuch)

Its so much easier finding locations for my pictures in Spain, here I just jumped out the car whilst my dad went for a coffee and got my brother to snap a few pictures, woohoo.
I have exams in the next few weeks so I might abandon the blog for a bit, just means I wont update as often because I reallly need to concentrate on these ones.


  1. soooo pretty! you have the best legs ever

  2. Such beautiful pictures, I love those pants!

  3. I love your shorts!

  4. Super cute outfit!

  5. shorts are amazing! you suit your name a lot! x

  6. amazing outfit, you look very pretty!
    Love your hat! :)


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