Saturday, 7 April 2012

LBD, holiday style

(Dress: Primark, Belt: Car boot sale, Sandals: Office, Sunnies: Jumble Sale) 

I was so surprised the other day checking on the blog that I had reached over 250 followers, that's about 150 new followers in less than a week! That was the most exciting thing that had happened to me this week, its the best feeling gaining new followers, knowing that people are interested in your blog. Mucho loving to the new and old followers.
Did someone feature me in their blog or something that I didn’t know about? Please tell me if someone did feature me, would love to know who!
Anyhoo, here in Spain the weather has not been what I expected it to be, it has been extremely windy and not very nice, however today and yesterday has been fantabydosy and I have been lying in the sun trying to get a tan and drinking mango juice.
Will update as soon as I can (sorry have no internet in here in Spain, so have to blog at friends houses and internet cafs)


  1. FashionRocksMySocks mentioned you in a video haha :-)

  2. the sandals are perfect for summer, they look lovely on :) as does the LBD x

  3. congratulations and I love your jumpsuit xx

  4. I found out about you from fashionrocksmysocks' video as well

  5. Fashionrocksmysocks mentioned you in a blog post!

  6. I found you in Fashionrocksmysocks' video "march favorites" :-D

  7. wow well done! Thats so cool!
    Your blog is great!
    Lots of LOVE AmenFashion17

  8. So lovely! I found you in Fashionrocksmysocks' video too! I love your blog and I'm 16 like you!

  9. great outfit :) and the dress suits you so well!
    i love mango juice :D haha

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  10. beautiful lbd, love your hair! :D

  11. That dress looks really great on you! I like your hair by the way :)

    Kisses! xxx

  12. Great look, ur hair is gorgeous and this dress totally suits u! x


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