Saturday, 14 July 2012

Haul Part 2

(Everything from Jumble Sale: 20p, apart from the hat thats from asos, £11)

So sorry for my absence, I attempted to blog a few photos of an outfit but the rain just kept getting in the way! This is the most terrible summer in the UK, its literally raining all the time, so so boring! I feel very sorry for myself and all you other people living in the UK.
I had a really lovely time at this festival that I went to last weekend and spent all week recovering and catching up on sleep! I broke up from college Friday but it doesn't feel like it at all with this horrible weather, wah wah so depressed. Anyhoo its supposed to be sunny tomorrow so fingers crossed…


  1. No way! Those shorts are lovely!! Xx

  2. Ah they are amazing for just 20p each. I love those shorts! xx

  3. 20p? Wow, I really need to go to a jumble sale-I fear that they won't be on though due to the weather haha! Great post! xx

  4. 20p?! I'm insanely jealous! Lovely buys!

    Emma x

  5. oh my gosh, i wish i lived near jumble sales :'(
    love the shorts :D

  6. amazing finds! I wish I had jumble sales to rumage around.

  7. ahh that Abbey Road top is amazing! I'm so obsessed with The Beatles.x

  8. i love the hat and beatles tee :)

  9. believe me, britain isn't the only country without summer - in germany it had been stormy cloudy and rainy for the last 3 months haha. anyways i love the things you bought! beatles, high waists and leo print are awesommmme x


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