Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Favourite Nail Varnishes

nailvarnishes 002 copyBarry M Silver Foil & Mint Green
nailvarnishes 009 copy
Rimmel Can you lilac it?, Blue eyed girl and black cherries

Barry M and Rimmel are hands down my favourite brands for nail varnish (love opi, but seeing as I only have one polish by them I cant really count it in my favorites!) , I rarely go without nail varnish which is probably very bad for my nails but I hate it when they arent painted. I love bright colours and dark colours on my nails, i usually go with bright colours for the summer and dark for the winter, how cliché. What are your favorite brands of nail varnish?
-5 days till my birthday wooo wooo-


  1. Love the colours here, especially the mint green and lilac. My birthday is in 5 days too! Weird! x

  2. oooh the colours are gorgeous! i never know what colours to get next, now i do! :P xx

  3. Really pretty colours!
    I love Barry M, they are such good quality for the small price.
    Also love Models own!

    Georgia x

  4. The barry m blue is one of my faves too! x

  5. I love Barry M polishes! The mint green looks a really nice colour :) xx

  6. Lovely colours, I love Barry M Nail Polish!

    Emma x

  7. I love the Barry M polishes, I've accidently started collecting them! I don't own silver foil or mint green though. I don't wear much silver but mint green is a shade I'd love to own! xx

  8. Barry M are one of the best! I LOVE the mint green colour!

    India of Crystallized Elements

  9. Amazing colors!
    Amazing blog!
    Following you! Stop by sometimes :)

  10. I love the mint green colour!


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  12. oohh only 5 ! i want some metallic colours to add to my collection!



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