Monday, 10 September 2012

3 in 1 Vintage Dress GIVEAWAY!

Yo ma beauties,
So I am doing my very first giveaway, yey!
This dress is amazing, seriously. Putting it on and taking these photos made me want to keep it and not give it away, but this shows you guys how much I appreciate the support and the lovely comments you always give. So the dress is 3 in one…

1. It can be worn as a simple black maxi skirt with a lovely leopard under dress which you can just about see through the sheer black material. Or…
2. You can wear it the leopard way and leave the sheer black material as a sort of under dress. Or…
3. Last but not least you can wear shorts underneath and tuck the black material in the shorts, or if you just prefer it the leopard way with no black bit then you can always cut the black bit off if you want.

leaopard dress givaway 002 copyleaopard dress givaway 064 copyleaopard dress givaway 035 copyUntitled-1

I hope you enjoy this giveaway as I felt it was a little different to the usual giveaway like a jewellery giveaway or a gift card. This giveaway is not sponsored or anything and I bought the dress with my own dolla!
Giveaway will be open for 3 weeks and I will announce the winner on twitter and on my blog.
*Please note unfortunately I can only send to Europe so please don't enter if you don't live in Europe as I wont be able to send it to you!*
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  1. Great giveaway, the dress looks lovely
    Amy x

  2. entered! what a lovely dress :-)

  3. Entered! :) thanks for this opportunty, the dress is so lovely! Where did you get it from?xx

  4. I love your blog and am a new follower officially!

    Hope to be reading your upcoming posts

    lots of love,,

  5. I love that dress , hope I win :) Love your blog too :D

    F X

  6. Love that dress & how many different ways you can wear it....hope I win!! P.S drooling at the tardy's...I need them in my life.

    Nicole x


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