Monday, 3 September 2012

Abbey Road & Levis

spain2012 075 copy
(Top: Jumble Sale, Shorts: Carboot sale, Leopard hat: Asos)

Oh my gawd, I’m one follower off 500! So excited, honestly did not think that 499 people would be interested in my blog. My aim this year was to get to 100 followers by October…certainly done that. Okay I’m going to aim higher this time, so by January I would love to have 1000 followers, and then my life would be complete.
This week has been really hectic, after working 18 hour shifts catering on commercials with my dad, I went to my best friends house and then went to gay pride in Brighton, had an amazing time and then spent another 2 nights at my best friends house and it feels weird to be home. But I did come home to 2 lovely packages, one from topshop and the other from eBay which I will be showing you very soon.


  1. Lovely outfit! :)

  2. lovely outfit! the fit on those shorts are faaab, i love well fitted shorts ahah! xx

  3. this is my favourite photo now. your hair is ace.


  4. Love that tshirt! It's a little bit cool ;) x


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