Monday, 29 October 2012

Cut-Out Boots- Socks

So, this is a bit of a random post but recently I have been getting very bored of wearing plain black socks with my topshop adonis boots and wanted to switch it up. Here are a few sock ideas that could transform your boots weather they are cut out or just your regular ankle boot.

1.Glitter Socks

pic borrowed from fated to be hated
I love how glitter socks look and very on trend for this season.
Urban outfitters sell them for £8 but get them here for under £1.50

2.Frilly Socks

pic borrowed from undercover dress up lover
I have always loved the way frilly socks look with any shoes but I can imagine they would look extra cool with cut out boots and give that sort of preppy vibe.
Buy here on ebay for £2.50

3.Fishnet socks

These socks will give your cut out boots a real grunge vibe which I think would look really cool. Maybe not very practical for winter as they don’t look particularly warm, but its all for fashion, right?
Buy em here for £1.99

Hope you guys liked this post, something a little different on my blog, tell me what you think


  1. love the glittery socks, going to get me a pair right now!

  2. Thank you very much for linking back to me :D
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover

  3. I'm really into frilly socks at the moment! especially worn with 'JC Lita' style boots!

  4. I adore wearing ankle socks with shoes! The fishnet ones would defo be my favourite to wear with the adonis boots (unfortunately i'm too poor to buy them beauties :( .)xx

  5. Cool post!! I really wanna buy those fishnet socks now!!

  6. adorable! i love little added elements like these. too cute!

  7. oh such a cute trend, defiantly don't think it's something for me this A/W as I'm all wrapped up in tights!

    - ordaining serendipity

  8. Loving those little glitter socks, so cute !

  9. I love glitter socks so much, really need to get a pair!

    I'm currently running a delilah dust giveaway on my blog, have a look!


  10. Just bought a couple of pairs of those glitter socks-so cool! Might buy the fishnet ones too, they're dead unusual.
    Molly Xx

  11. wow, i love your blog!


  12. I love glitter socks! I've been eyeing up a pair in Urban outfitter for ages I just need a pair of cut out boots to wear with them! x


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