Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Easy As 1,2,3

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(Jeans: American Apparel Easy Jean (25% off on asos now with student discount!), Top: Jumble Sale, Leather Jacket: Charity shop, Boots: Topshop Adonis 2) 

I’m so so so so so so in love with these jeans, I have seen them around on blogs and really liked them and how they are basically a denim version of the disco pants. I was quite hesitant about getting them because c’mon people £64 for a pair of jeans? Insane. But obviously I was feeling a bit insane that day so I just went ahead and bought them, I know I will get my moneys worth out of them considering how much I wear my disco pants. I think they will be the perfect spring/summer jean (I know thats a bit far away but whateves) If your thinking about buying them seriously go for it! They are so soft and comfy and super stylish of course…


  1. oh god I'm in love with those jeans but ouch the pricetag


  2. Been wanting these jeans for ages now....i love you for reminding me about the 25% of asos, I think its finally time to treat myself.
    Love your outfit, you look gorgeous!xx

  3. they look perfect on you! :-)

    Francesca xo

  4. Very tempted by these jeans, they look gorgeous! x

  5. ah those jeans are lovely! would be a waste of 25% discount if i didn't buy something off asos, right?!

    Laila x

  6. I was hesitant to buy them foreverrrr, so glad i did! xx

  7. i love these jeans! and really want to take advantage of the 25% student discount and buy the black pair, but it's so close to christmas, and i need to save *cryy
    They're so figure flattering, love your boots too x

  8. Hi, I just stumble across your blog and really enjoyed it.

    Please come by my fashion blog Pretty Portobello.

    See you soon.

  9. You look so effortlessly cool, love the jeans and the top :)


  10. Mmmmm...that is a nice pair of jeans! They fit you like a glove, ya look HOT! I'm a fellow bargain hunter so I understand the misery of spending $60 on pants ;) I love your blog, I am the newest follower!


  11. Love those jeans and your hair is amazing. Great blog, just followed :)

  12. I really like your blog. And I'm in lovee with your shoes, need a pair!

    New blogger lol. : )


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