Saturday, 24 November 2012

I need… cash


These are the main items on my wish list this month (so far!)
Okay hands up who is dying for a fringe leather jacket? MEEEEEEE!!! Urgh I need one desperately, I mean come on guys how badass do they look?! Its top of my Christmas list.
I also just found out that topshop have free delivery till monday and that croc bag is in stock and i may have to do a cheeky purchase.. I cant help it, when topshop do free delievery im just like ah if i don't like it i will return it, I NEVER DO… gawd topshop stop making amazing stuff.
Also, solestuck are having a huuuuuugge sale and im stuck between the all over silver metallic litas and the gold or silver glitter litas.. help me decide, I want to buy both.
what stuff are you guys obsessed with recently?


  1. Silver litas! Guessing they're (cue me sounding a bit creepy) the ones you instagrammed... they're uhmaaaayzing. Really like the perspex-ish ones too. Kinda sorta just ended up spending £20 on Topshop makeup and a phone case after you've just mentioned free delivery.. Oops. X

  2. I adore that jacket! & go for the silver litas, theyre stunning! x

  3. Definitely going to get out the solestruck sale, I want a pair of real litas soooooooo badly haha


  4. I'm such a sucker for free postage


  5. Love everything on your wishlist. I've been eyeing the black Jeffrey Campbell boots for forever, they are perfect! So expensive though :( x

  6. Hehe, I have the same exact bag on my wihlist after seeing Mary Kate or Ashley wearing a black crocodile leather bag. And the fringe leather jacket is such a must havee.eee... Ah, I think I need some money as well.

  7. you make me wanna bay all of these things!

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