Sunday, 2 December 2012

All Black Everything

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(Jeans: Old topshop ones that I cut up, Jumper: Topshop, Boots: Schuh, Bag: Jumble Sale)

Okay so its officially winter and I cant deal with it, I'm not one one those people that love wrapping up in layers and layers. Layers annoy me, because you go out wearing say 5 layers and then when you get the place you are going you end up taking the majority of your layers off and then your left holding a tone of clothes with no where to put them. Winter is just inconvenient. Apart from Christmas. Obvs.


  1. Amaaaazing outfit, I'm in love with the jeans and boots!xxx

  2. Your hair is UNREAL, oh my god so jealous! I love your outfit xx

  3. your hair is amazing as well as the outfit <3

  4. I couldn't agree more, I hate nights out cos you end up carting about a huge coat on the dancefloor! Anyway, you look amazing as always, love those boots <3

  5. Those boots are amazing!


  6. love the jumper! i agree, winter is such an inconvenience. i walk a lot and i go outside and its freezing, then after 10 minutes of walking i think why am i wearing so many clothes?!

    Laila x

  7. I love this outfit!!

  8. gorgeous outfit doll. im absolutely adoring your style, and I'd love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    the casper&pearl blog

  9. love this outfit!


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