Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Trend Spotting: Velvet

(Dress, Shorts & Bracelet: Topshop, Leggings: Romwe, Boots: Nasty Gal)

Velvet is a trend that appears ever autumn/winter, so theres no surprise it is definitely a key trend for the upcoming months.  I recently picked up a pair of black velvet leggings from a charity shop and I am in love. I’m a bit sceptical of leggings in general as I always feel I am exposing my bum and I constantly see girls in see through leggings and I think it just looks terrible or there is always bad vpl… However as velvet leggings have such a nice texture it is almost impossible to get vpl and I feel like they cover you up just as well as jeans and keep you nice and warm!


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a gorgeous vintage dress , only  4 days left!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

batman 060 copybatman 052 copy
(Batman baseball tshirt: Ebay, Black High waisted jeans: Cheap Monday, Trainers: Converse, Sunglasses: H&M)

I saw a tshirt like this on the asos facebook page worn by a member of little mix and fell in love, I love batman and I thought the baseball sleeves looked so cool, found the tshirt and its by a brand called lazy oaf and is £45! for a tshirt… No way in hell am I paying that amount of money on a top. So being the cheap skate I am, I checked on ebay and found this one, which is so similar to the lazy oaf one for £14 yey! Still a bit pricey for a tshirt in my opinion but I looove it, so its okay.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Lace Disco

disco lace 046 copy copydisco lace 039 copydisco lace 035 copydisco lace 072 copy copy(Lace Bodysuit: Jumble Sale, Disco Pants: American Apparel, Cut out boots: Topshop, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Jumble Sale) 

These boots arent actually this shiny in real life haha, they seem to be coming across really shiny. Probably my editing… So this is an example of what I where to college, its a bit more dressing that what I usually wear but I was mostly wearing a jumper over the top anyway. I looove the lace bodysuit, i have all of a sudden fallen in love with bodysuits, I only have one but I want more man!
Yey its friday and I dont have college till 2pm, how cool is that? Feels like the weekend already.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beachin’ It

dfghj 061 copydfghj 074 copydfghj 080 copy
(Top: H&M, Jacket&Rucksack: Charity Shop, Black shorts: Jumble Sale)

Bit of a simple outfit but meh whatever the location is so cute. Had to get my mama to take a few pictures, couldn't resist! I started college last week and feel exhausted already, it takes so much energy out of me! Ah I’m so excited for my giveaway, cant wait to announce the winner and whatnot, I might see if I can change the closing date as 19 days seems waay to long. Dont forget to enter! Will start posting what I wear to college outfits soon if you guys are interested. Seemed to have good feedback from my last ‘what i would wear to college’ post, so dat sounds like a good plan.

Monday, 10 September 2012

3 in 1 Vintage Dress GIVEAWAY!

Yo ma beauties,
So I am doing my very first giveaway, yey!
This dress is amazing, seriously. Putting it on and taking these photos made me want to keep it and not give it away, but this shows you guys how much I appreciate the support and the lovely comments you always give. So the dress is 3 in one…

1. It can be worn as a simple black maxi skirt with a lovely leopard under dress which you can just about see through the sheer black material. Or…
2. You can wear it the leopard way and leave the sheer black material as a sort of under dress. Or…
3. Last but not least you can wear shorts underneath and tuck the black material in the shorts, or if you just prefer it the leopard way with no black bit then you can always cut the black bit off if you want.

leaopard dress givaway 002 copyleaopard dress givaway 064 copyleaopard dress givaway 035 copyUntitled-1

I hope you enjoy this giveaway as I felt it was a little different to the usual giveaway like a jewellery giveaway or a gift card. This giveaway is not sponsored or anything and I bought the dress with my own dolla!
Giveaway will be open for 3 weeks and I will announce the winner on twitter and on my blog.
*Please note unfortunately I can only send to Europe so please don't enter if you don't live in Europe as I wont be able to send it to you!*
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

New In- Topshop Adonis2 Boots

I fell in love when I saw the first versions of these boots back in june, I had to have them. Unfortunately I had no money at the time and when I finally got some cash for these booties (£90 not cheap!) they had completely sold out. They were the perfect autumn boot. Luckily for me these boots came back in stock in august but a slightly adjusted version and £20 cheaper, result!
I originally wanted these boots in black as believe it or not I have no black flat shoes but unfortunately the black had sold out in my size but I absolutely love this oxblood colour and it ads a perfect twist to the usual brown/black boot.
Overall these boots are great, comfy and really stylish. However after wearing them for just 2 days they already have quite a few scratches and marks on the heel and look like they have been worn a lot longer than 2 days. This is really upsetting but on the plus side I suppose the scratches and the evidence of worn kinda gives them more character.

p.s next post will be a 500 follower giveaway so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Starting College Outfit Ideas

For those of you that don’t know, I am going into my second year of college now and looking back on the first few days of college I remembered wanting to make an impression but not look as if I tried too hard. I remember my friends and I discussing outfit ideas the night before (sad I know, but all girls do it right?) and I remember it being really tricky knowing what to wear. My advice is to keep it simple but add a slight edge or something interesting to your outfit. Here are a few outfit ideas that I hope will inspire you.

An essential for me is black jeans, you can pair them with almost everything and they make you look skinnier! The american apparel easy jean are amazing, high waisted and really flattering, if your looking for a cheaper alternative the cheap monday second skin jeans are equally as nice and a fraction of the price!

As I said earlier, a simple outfit with a bold necklace like this gorgeous topshop one can really make an outfit. I am lusting after this gorgeous bag, but £120 is sorta out of the budget for a college bag! But this is another casual outfit I would definitely wear to college.

This outfit I would wear on a friday as it slightly more dressy than the other outfits. I think friday is a good day to dress up a little bit more than all the other days as its the weekend and you can easy transform this outfit from day to night by adding heels. Voila!

                                   Hope this helps a few of you that need a bit of inspiration xxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Abbey Road & Levis

spain2012 075 copy
(Top: Jumble Sale, Shorts: Carboot sale, Leopard hat: Asos)

Oh my gawd, I’m one follower off 500! So excited, honestly did not think that 499 people would be interested in my blog. My aim this year was to get to 100 followers by October…certainly done that. Okay I’m going to aim higher this time, so by January I would love to have 1000 followers, and then my life would be complete.
This week has been really hectic, after working 18 hour shifts catering on commercials with my dad, I went to my best friends house and then went to gay pride in Brighton, had an amazing time and then spent another 2 nights at my best friends house and it feels weird to be home. But I did come home to 2 lovely packages, one from topshop and the other from eBay which I will be showing you very soon.