Sunday, 10 November 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call?

(Top: eBay, Skirt: Primark, Boots: Topshop, Jacket: Charity Shop, Bag: Zara)

I wore this outfit after halloween and thought it worked very well. Fuck da ghosts!
I was working from 4 am till 7 pm on halloween day and got home and just couldn’t be bothered to go out. I’ve spent every year trick or treating and I was really looking forward to going out and partying as a zombie but I felt too much like a literal zombie so I gave halloween a miss. Theres always next year right? and the next year, and the next year…
So quick update, its officially 3 weeks till I jet off to Thailand with my best friend. I’ll be gone for 3 months but don’t worry i’ve already got a few sceduled blog posts ready to go, i’m trying to get enough so theres a blog post each week. I’ve worked so hard on my blog and i’m not going to stop whilst I’m away. Hopefully ill find a little internet caff in thailand and ill update you all with my travels stories and maybe a couple of outfits but to be honest my plan is to get out the hippy trousers and live in a bikini so I don’t know how well outfit posts are going to go down. Can’t believe its only 3 weeks till I go. Beyond excited.


  1. you look fabbbbbb
    and have a fab time in Thailand!!

  2. Looove the tee and the shoes. So jealous you're going to Thailand!! Have a great time!

  3. I ghost busters top is amazing! Love your style!

    imemmymah | f+l

  4. Great outfit, hope you have a great time in Thailand it will be such a great experience!

  5. Ahhhh you look so cool, love your boots! xx

  6. Love your boots! Such a good outfit :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  7. Hooow do you always look so cool?!?!
    Especially in love with your boots and sunglasses. xo

  8. Love your boots! You look gorgeous x

  9. this outfit is rad, only you could pull of this top. what ridiculous hours you poor thing, where on earth do you work!?
    your trip sounds incredible, I'm a little jealous, I've always wanted to explore south east asia!

  10. WOW! Looking amazing! That dress! <3 xxx

  11. I love printed tees, I was thinking about getting this one, you may have convinced me! Enjoy Thailand :) xx
    Behind My Specs

  12. Love the dressing sense of your's


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