Friday, 31 May 2013

Company Style Blog Awards– I Got Highly Commended!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar1(Top: Primark, Skirt: Car boot sale, Belt: Charity shop, Jacket: H&M via eBay, Boots: H&M)

Hey guys, long time no blog. Really sorry, just been uuuuuber busy with studying for my final exams (they are in 4 days eek) and realised that the blog had to take a back seat for a bit but don’t worry, regular posts will be back on track starting from June 5th.
So on wednesday I jumped on the train and headed into London for the company style blogger awards, met the gorgeous Charmaine at the station with her lovely friend Lois and we jumped on the tube ready to meet the other bloggers, unfortunetely we got a bit lost and went to the wrong pizza express where we were supposed to meet Shope and Shore, Lucy and Camilla so we ended up being so late we couldn’t get our pizzas dammit, instead we tried jumping in a cab to the venue but for some reason none of the cabs would take us, apparently it was a one way road so annnyyway we finally got there safe and sound and ready to party! I was so hungry as soon as we got there I noticed a man carrying a tray of sushi, I could not contain my excitement (you guys know how I love sushi right? well I LOVE sushi) and then after mooching around for a bit and drinking some amazing blogger cocktails the awards started. Now I wasn’t expecting anything but kinda hoped I might win and BAM all of a sudden I hear ‘fashion rush’ and realised I got highly commended which is incredible and I’m so so grateful for all my beautiful readers for even getting my blog shortlisted let alone winning an award! So really, thank you guys for being amazing and commenting and voting, it seriously means the world to me, I love blogging so much and being recognised by company magazine is just unbelievable. I also managed to vlog the party so that might be up within the next few days or after my exam, depends how manic last minute revision gets. But yes, thank you guys for being supportive and lovely. I seriously love you guys xxxxx


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Asos Holiday Lustings

asos holiday shop
from left to right:
white bikini, pink bikini, black mesh bikini, floral bikini
Sunglasses: round tortoise shell sunnies, cat eye sunnies,clear sunnies, white round sunnies

So summer is just round the corner (gotta get those exams out the way first) and I personally find it hard to find a bikini that I actually love. I quite like plain bikinis not too much going on. So I grouped together a couple of bikinis and gorrrrgeous sunglasses that I’m completely in love with. I’m hopefully going on a girly holiday to spain with my besties for a week or so and I need some sexy bikinis already. Its not till the end of June but I want to be prepared! I adore the hot pink motel one, I think that would look so incredible with a tan. I’m debating between the white one and the pink one.. Might order both and take one back. Oh the joy of asos. Need all those sunglasses too. Urghhh need monies. Help fund me if you fancy and buy something from my blog shop, still got a lot left and you can get a nice 15% off by using the code ‘BLOGFOLLOWER’
Eee so excited for summer, it needs to hurry it self up a bit more. I. NEED. SUN.

Friday, 10 May 2013


(Top& Shorts: Jumble Sale, Jacket: Charity Shop, Sunnies: Urban Outfitters)

This week has been a surprisingly good week, I have had 4 exams this week (3 photography & my spanish speaking) so you can imagine how I thought this week was going to turn out. The day before my spanish exam I got a comment on my instagram saying that I was on streetstyle stalker, if you don’t know what it is, its basically the biggest streetstyle blog that I can think of, so anyway I ran to my computer and saw that yup there I was on streetstyle stalker, after screaming for a couple of minutes I calmed down but omg still cant believe I was featured on there. It was from LFW and I remember the guy coming up to me, grabbing my camera and I thought he was going to steal my camera! I was ready to run after him but luckily he just wanted to take my picture without my camera in the way of my outfit haha cant believe he was from streetstyle stalker. aaah never been so excited when I saw myself there in amongst a gazillion gorgeous ridiculously stylish women. It’s really surreal.
Anyway I had my spanish speaking exam and it went well so all is good. Just looking forward to the weekend, ready to celebrate aka get drunk hehehe xxx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Starry Eyed

(Leather Jacket: Charity Shop, Shorts: Jumble Sale, Crop top: asos, Sunglasses: UO)

Gunna keep this short, I’ve got my first exam on thursday which is my spanish speaking exam, from living in spain for 4 years you would have thought this would be piss easy. Not the case. I have been trying to revise like crazy but I’m not exactly one of those ‘good studiers’ I find it so hard to sit down and try to remember stuff. I get bored way to quick.
Wish me suerte for thursday guyz xxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Shop!


Hey lovelies, just a quick post to let you know I have put up loads of items on my blogshop: the majority of them under £10 so go grab some bargains! Doing an exclusive code to get 10% off which ends tomorrow, quote ‘FASHIONRUSH’ to get even more money off! xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Crochet Forever

81 copy3 copy4 copy
(Dress: My mums from the 80’s, Necklaces: Vintage & Delilah Dust, Sunnies: UO)

In love with this dress my mumma gave me, she was about to through it out but luckily I grabbed it before she could even think about chucking something so beautiful away. I can’t say no to anything crochet. Crochets ma thing ya know?

Nomination BadgeNomination BadgeNomination Badge
Just wanted to let you gorgeous people know that today is the last day to vote for the company blog awards. If you haven’t voted already, now’s your chance! Click the mini pictures to be lead to the voting page, which ever one you fancy! If you love/like/hate my blog would really really like for you to vote for me under ‘best teen fashion blogger’ which is on page 8. All you have to do is click next page until you get to page 8, click then keep clicking next page till you get to the bit where you have to fill in your name, email etc. If you vote I will personally come round to your house and hug you,  ok maybe not possible but virtual hugs right?
Love you groovers (can you tell the sun has got me in a good mood? who even says groovers other than 40 year old dads, help. me. getting delirious over too much sunshine.. not complaining sun promise)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Leather Lust

4edit copy copy2 copy copy3edit copy copy5
(Top: Charity Shop, Belt: Jumble Sale, Skirt: Motel Rocks)

Been lusting after a leather skirt forever and found this gorgeous little number in the motel sale for only £18! Been wanting everything leather recently, on a bit of a leather hunt. Currently on my list is a leather dress, a leather playsuit and a white leather jacket. Maybe throw in some leather shorts too while we’re here, why not. Love me some leather shorts. This top is actually a cardigan, the other day I realised how much cooler it looks worn the other way round, and then you get some sexy back cleavage, so much more fashionable than real cleavage right fashionistas? Right.
On another topic I went to boots today and grabbed some blonde hair dye, not sure if you guys have noticed but my hair has darkened so much over winter it used to be so nice and blonde. So going to hopefully dye it next weekend. Can’t wait, thinking of dying it mary kate & ashley olsen 2005 type hair. Wish me luck.
So happy it’s may, the weather is being a beaut here so very super happy tiger