Friday, 30 August 2013

Autumn Lusts



Black set: jacket, boots, jumpsuit, hat, earrings
White: rings, boots, coat, jeans, bag, lipstick, top

Why hello there lovely people that read my blog (still find it strange that people actually read my blog and I’m not just writing to myself, so yes hello there) Blogging seems to have taken the back seat in my life at the moment and I promise it will be back up to scratch once my camera is fixed (sent it off today) previously I was using my stepdads camera and he thought it would be an ace idea to exchange his very normal nice lens to a super zoom bird watching lens, which means if I even attempted to take photos of my outfit I would have to stand so far away that I would probably end up in the next town along. Not even joking, the lens is that big. So in the meantime you will just have to put up with wish lists like this one and whatever else I can rustle up, please let me know what you would like to see on the blog (other than outfit posts obvs) because I want to mix it up a bit and make my blog a super blog not just a standard blog if you get me?
Lots of love x

Thursday, 15 August 2013


(Jacket: Missguided, Top: Vintage from Paris, Shorts: Jumble Sale, Shoes: new look)

Hey dudes, sorry its been so long (again), I remember saying that I will update at least twice a week in summer and so far I have not stuck to that promise at all. I somehow end up really busy when I want to blog and just never get round to it. Enough about that, how have you guys been? I received my a level results today and I didn’t do too badly (aka I passed everything) but I wont gloat about what I go blah di blah, if any of you guys also got your a level results through today I hope you did fabulously and got what you wanted.
I’m off out tonight and debating over heels and trainers, I like to go crazy on the dance floor when I’m out so I usually opt for trainers, why not?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

PARIS- Eiffel Tower

(Top: Car boot sale, Shorts: Jumble Sale, Belt: Charity shop, Sunnies: Urban Outfitters)

These photos were taken shortly after arriving in Paris and I’m sure you can tell, I was so frikin happy.
It’s such a beautiful, charismatic city. I couldn't wish to be anywhere more perfect.
One of the best holidays. I really really want to go back. Now would be nice.

P.S: I vlogged every day in paris so check out my youtube: for daily vlogs. Day 1 is currently uploading!