Monday, 28 April 2014

Waddup Boilersuit

IMG_9744IMG_9713IMG_9717IMG_9777 Ok so I'm officially blogging from my new macbook and praying that its all going to be inline and turn out normally. On my old laptop I used windows live writer and it was such a life saver and so easy to use. I find blogging from blogger really weird and complicated. I don't know. I hope this works! So how cool is this jumpsuit?! It was the fastest purchase i've ever made. I saw it, loved it, bought it and left the shop all within 2 minutes. Impressive huh? Thank you very much to my local charity shop for the bargain of the week. Jigsaw boilersuit for £8. Hurrah!

Thursday, 24 April 2014



Uh how gorgeous are these?!!?!
I bought them especially for my godmothers wedding because I needed a decent pair of ‘presentable’ heels that fundamentally I could walk in. Hurrah the results are in and I can indeed walk, dance and skip in these babies.
They are the most comfortable heels I have to date and I’ve always loved the minimal ‘barely there’ heel trend but knew that I would never wear them because I can not walk in heels that high, no way jose.
So thank you very much Topshop for creating such a perfect shoe and for only £46 with student discount. Fabulous.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Travel Adventure: Part 1

So before this gets far to overdue, I think its time I talk about my 3 months away on my little adventure with my best friend.
We left on the 1st of December and returned early march. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Travelling opened up my mind to so many new things and really enhanced my social skills whist I learned about a culture completely different to our own. Every moment was magical and I have never been so happy and felt totally myself. There is so much to talk about so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. If you want to find out what we got up to at each location in a bit more detail check out Fleur’s blog as she documented almost everything. Unfortunately her phone got stolen the minute we got to Bali so the blog is only about Thailand and Laos.
Ok so where do I start?
We arrived in Bangkok and spent a couple days exploring and partying on khao san road, which is what only I can describe as a strip in the middle of Bangkok full of people from every corner of the world, all sharing stories and getting drunk on thai whisky hurray! It one of my all time favourite places.
After Bangkok we flew to Chiang Mai and did everything I dreamt of doing. We rode elephants, we lost ourselves in beautiful temples, we learnt how to make bad ass thai food at a thai cooking class (I am a master at green curry now!) and we ziplined through the jungle. It was all pretty spectacular. On top of that we were staying in the centre of town for only £2.50 a night!
A real highlight in Chiang Mai was the sunday walking market. It’s an amazing market selling the most amazing handcraft that covers the whole of the city. Literally the whole city is turned into one big market. We loved it!
Thailand and Laos 212

After Chiang Mai we spent a couple of nights in a cool hippy mountain village called Pai. It was all very chilled out and we stayed in the most beautiful bamboo bungalow right by the river. We rented a bike (after Fleur did her lessons and smashed the wing mirror) and went exploring, we found waterfalls, bathed in the hotsprings and went and fed the elephants on the way.

Next we took the most disgusting bus journey to Laos. When I say disgusting I am really not exaggerating… I didn’t get homesick at all apart from when we took this bus journey. Northern Thailand has extremely winedy roads and lets just say the locals that were on our bus were not used to it. There were people being sick EVERYWHERE and there was this particular guy that kept phleming every 5 minutes. This was a 24 hour bus journey.
I suppose you gotta experience the bad before you can experience the good. Laos was really beautiful.
It was so different to Thailand, it was so poor but absolutely stunning and the people were lovely.
We went tubing in vang vieng, which is where you basically float down a river in a tube (the inside of a trucks tyre) and there are bars either side of the river so you get pulled into the bars, have a couple drinks and a boogie then get back in your tube and float to the next bar! It was so so fun and resulted in a lot of drunk people floating down this beautiful river in the scorching sun. Obviously we didn’t just go once!

Next stop for us was the beautiful island of Koh Tao for Christmas. The boat journey to the island was very interesting. We flew from Laos to Bangkok the day before, got into Bangkok at about 11pm and our bus to the port was at 5am so we thought the only logical thing to do was of course go partying in Bangkok! So we had an hour sleep and getting on a very very fast boat on a very very wavy sea was horrific. Everyone on the boat was throwing up it was VILE.
We had the most crazy Christmas Eve on koh Tao beach. It was one huge party spread across the whole of the beach and everyone was wearing their bikinis but with Christmas hats! It was so surreal being in a hot country for Christmas. We decided against the typical Christmas dinner and we had sushi instead. Which neither one of us were complaining about.
New year on Koh Phangan was unreal. I’m sure all of you have heard of the famous full moon party. Personally I didn’t rate it. I’ve been to many good parties and festivals so my standards for a good party are quite high I guess and the full moon party was bigged up so much so I was expecting HUGE things. It was okay.. It was huge and ridiculously packed but the music was pretty average. Unless you love a bit of trance or your happy with chart music you wouldn’t exactly be feelin it.
I had heard about this place called Eden from a travel blog and knew that you had to get a boat there so at about 1am we hopped on a boat in really rough sea to this mystical Eden place. It was incredible. You get taken to this completely deserted beach, climb up a couple of huge rocks, tiptoe across a few Indiana Jones style brides and bam! You arrive at the best party place in Thailand. I can’t even describe it. Its a magical place that you really would only understand if you have been there. Its sort of a secret jungle party where all the best DJs play and you dance to the sunrise. We had the best, most memorable New Years. We didn’t return to our bungalow till 12 pm the next day. Yep. It was that kinda party. As you can imagine, that was not our last time at Eden, but thats to come in my next post!

We spent a week and a half in Koh Phangan. It is seriously very very hard to leave that beautiful island. On new year I weirdly bumped into a friend of my Dads at Eden and he invited us to stay with him in the lovely bay of Haad Yuan so we spent the beginning of the year at 24 hour jungle parties and relaxing on the beach. It was perfect.
Next stop on our trip were the trang islands, which are a group of very remote very uninhabited stunning islands. We stayed in Koh Mook but took day trips to koh kradan, both really amazing quiet islands. The beaches were the kinda of beaches that you saw on postcards of thailand and the sea was unbelievably blue and clean not to mention the amazing snorkelling we did there (I got over my fear of snorkelling lol) It was the perfect place to relax after our mental New Year period and for the first time ever we were the only British people on the island.We stayed there until we were completely bored of each others company and needed to actually see some other humans.
Next was Koh Lanta which was actually my least favourite island, its a huge island but hardly anyone there. There are really cool bars and restaurants all along the beach but literally no one there. Didn’t really rate the beaches either. The only thing great about Koh Lanta was when we stayed at this bungalow called hutyee beach house and the owner was literally my favourite person ever. He was the reason we stayed more than 1 night I don’t even know what to say, he was just hilarious.
Our last proper stop in Thailand was koh phi phi, oh koh phi phi. It’s one of the dirtiest, weirdest most amazing place. When we arrived I was convinced we were in Camden, bikes everyhere, there are no cars on the island, the whole town is one big stall. We arrived and genuinely didn’t think we would be staying for that long… Then we entered flower bungalow dorm and everything changed. We met the most incredible cool people and ended up staying in phi phi for about 8 days. All I can say about phi phi is its very westernised. If your looking for the quiet non touristic peaceful Thailand don’t go here. I think the tourist local ratio was about 250:1. Of course we went to ‘the beach’ and pretended we were Leonardo but the tour we did wasn’t that great, we were only on that beach for about 20 minutes and the beach is sooooooo packed all the time everyday. It was like being on a spanish beach in the height of summer. Nevertheless phi phi was hands down one of my favourite places, it was just really really fun. Great beach parties, great people… Oh and we also may or may not have gotten spontaneous (drunk) friendship tattoos.

Last place was Phuket, unless your an overweight sunburnt man looking for a pretty thai prostitute, don’t go.
We were only in phuket to catch our flight to Bali, we didn’t want to go to the main tourist town Pattong as we heard its a bit of a shithole and sorta like Malia or Magaluf so we just went for a day trip and yeah I can say its really not worth the 25p bus fair to get there. We stayed in the old town and that as well just lacked character. Either way I didn’t like Phuket. The only good thing about it was a huge shopping mall where I got my hair done as someone forgot to bring the purple shampoo with them and my hair went very very yellow. So hurray for the hairdressers in Phuket!
Then we flew off to Bali! Coming soon in My Travel Adventure: Part 2 !

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Goodbye Fashion Rush, Hello EASY TIGER

(Jumpsuit: Motel Rocks (use code ‘FASHIONRUSH’ to recieve 25% off!), Jacket: Charity Shop DIY, Boots & Bag: Zara)

Ok so big change! I’ve been wanting to change my blog name for aaaaages now but just never got round to it until last night.
Fashion Rush really wasn’t me anymore and I thought how cool if I named my blog Easy Tiger. Sassy isn’t it?!
Sassy or not, it feel more ‘me’!
I bought this jumpsuit in Bali weirdly enough and later found out that its actually from motel haha, motel is so global!
Also I am actually in process of writing my travel posts, will be up this week. I’m writing them in sections because there is so so much to write.

Also also also, I know I’m a bit late on this but it would mean the absolute world if anyone would like to nominate my blog in the company blog awards under ‘Best Personal Style Blog’ I won highly commended best teen fashion blogger last year and would really love to attend the event again this year. Pretty pleaase with a handful of cherries on top? If I get nominated again this year then I think it would definitely call for a giveaway, haven’t done one in ages!

Friday, 4 April 2014


(Coat: c?o Missguided, Necklace: Primark, Top: Vintage, Trousers: Hand me downs, Boots: Zara)

You can never go wrong with a fur coat. Never. This dusty pink one from missguided has been worn to death since I received it, it goes with absolutely anything. Merci beaucoup missguided.
I think missguided is quickly becoming UKs nasty gal, no complaints here.
Since I returned from travelling I have been working non stop (trying to save up for my next trip to south america!) and im exhausted! Got 2 weeks off work so gunna go wild! I’m greatly missing the island life but I suppose its good to be back, I’m so excited for British summer, festival life hollaaaaaa