Friday, 1 August 2014


(Top: Ooto Clothing, Hat: H&M (In stores now), Necklace: Charity Shop, Levis: Jumble Sale, Belt: Car boot sale, Boots: Topshop)

Well hello there.
Its been a long time and a lot has happened in the past week/2 weeks.
I turned nineteen yippieeee and yes I do feel a lot more grown up. Eighteen was such an incredible year for me, I achieved so much and I'm happy to say I'm very proud of myself. I travelled the world, learnt a lot about myself and what I want to achieve in this lifetime and just overall got to know myself a lot better.
My 19th birthday was spent at secret garden party clutching a bottle of cava surrounded by some really lovely friends all bopping and shaking our booties to a bit of latino dance music. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Secret garden party was out of this world. It was like being in a fairyland. The parties were insane, the crowd were beautiful and I was one happy bunny. I actually bought this amazing top at secret garden, I stumbled across this shop called out of the ordinary and they had imported tops and jewellery from nepal. They had some really incredibly stunning bits n bobs, sad for me I had spent all my money but got this beauty for £20! Score! 
Right better go before I bore you with secret garden stories...
T x


  1. I love your top! It is so stunning! Belated happy birthday!

  2. I really like this outfit! Your hat is great too, I wish I could wear one but I guess I'm not a hat person!
    -Magenta xxx

  3. That top is so so beautiful. Your ethnic style is just to die for! xox

  4. So pretty, I turned 19 last week too.. since when did we all start growing up haha x

  5. ahh this outfit is so funky, I adore the top! and happy belated birthday.... a secret garden party sounds insane!

  6. Happy birthday! I'm 19 in 3 weeks eeeeek. Love the top too! xx

  7. I just found your blog and I already love it!
    Also, Happy Birthday! :)

  8. Top is beautiful love the pattern, secret garden party sounds awesome x
    Two Looks, One London

  9. I've got serious hat envy!! And I love love love your top!

    B xx

  10. Love the print on this top !

    Emmie xx

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say, it's been a while since I've found someone with such spectacular and original taste in clothes.

    Anyway, happy 19th birthday! Good for you for achieving a lot and learning loads about yourself at 18. :) xx

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  12. Great look!


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