Saturday, 22 November 2014

Zebra Fever

(Fur top: studded petals, Bomber Jacket & Boots: Zara, Choker: Mums, Skirt: Missguided, Coat: H&M via depop)

Oh look I'm not wearing a hat! I honestly struggle not wearing a hat everyday, i'm always like this outfit is good but imagine it with a hat! But I only really wear that wide brim H&M hat and its starting to look a bit battered so I thought I'd let my head breathe for a bit. 
I'm absolutely loving zebra print at the moment (as you can obviously see) and thought it would be fun to mix it with another bright print. With monochrome items I think you can get away with mixing a bright and bold print, making the outfit exciting and interesting. Not to mention sassy right?
I feel like we are in the generation of sass. I'm blaming Helena, pretty sure she started the sass generation. Since meeting her and following her blog I find myself going for more daring items of clothing, so big thank you to Heli for making me take risks every morning when getting dressed and letting my style evolve in confidence. Go girl. I think you call that a style icon. She's most definitely mine.


Monday, 17 November 2014

4 Shades Of Grey

IMG_8195 copyIMG_8215 copyIMG_8198 copyIMG_8234 copyIMG_8259 copyIMG_8228 (Skirt/dress: Motel Rocks* (use code 'FASHIONRUSH' to get 20% off), Jumper & Hat: H&M, Boots: Miista, Belt: Charity Shop similar here, Choker: Mums)

I'm pretty obsessed with Grey at the moment. I thought mixing all these grey items of clothing could turn out horribly but I really like the way this outfit turned out. Mixing different items of the same colour can sometimes look really cool if you play around with the textures and patterns. What do you think?
I've also been itching to dye my hair grey for months now, I think I'm going to do it soon just need to get the money together. I'm thinking dark roots then gradual ombre from grey to a white grey. I just need a change, my hair is boring me.
London life has been sooo much fun so far, I'm currently having my second lazy day in a row as I went out saturday night and had a bit of a mental night down in Brixton, didn't end up getting home till 9am. I went to go see Slamboree and Caravan Palace and boy oh boy do they throw a good party. It was as close to an indoor festival as you could get, everyone was head to toe glitter, loads of people were dressed up and everyone had a bad ass good old 7 hour boogie. Everything was great until my tube was down and I had to get 3 busses and a tube to get home... It ended up taking me 2 hours to get home when it only should have taken me half an hour. Dam you broken down tube.
Oh London life...


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Yeeeehar Hello London

IMG_8449IMG_8405 copyIMG_8412 copyIMG_8480IMG_8450 copy
 (Top: Missguided, alternative here and yes I am wearing a skirt as a top! Trousers and belt: Carboot Sale, Fringe Jacket: Missguided, Choker: Mums (its actually a belt!), Boots: Topshop, Hat: H&M)

So it happened.  I finally after 3 months of searching and putting deposits down, falling out with friends and much effort and tears, I moved to London! Im currently living with one of my mums best friends in a really nice area, got a fabulous room about 4 times bigger than my box room I've been living in for the past 7 months and its cheap rent! Bingo! I had 2 houses fall through for various reasons so I decided to give up on the whole property search and see if I could do some lodging instead and luckily someone wanted me. Yay! 
I'm so excited to see what the next couple months will bring, I'm ready to give London my all and really work hard for what I want. They aint gunna be no stopping me. Watch out London, here I come. 

p.s: I wore this outfit out the other day and someone genuinely shouted yeehar at me on the tube. Mission cowgirl complete. 


Friday, 7 November 2014

Flowers Of Winter

(Playsuit: Missguided*, Top: Vintage, Belt: Charity Shop, Necklace: Bali, Shoes: Zara (similar here), Bag: Vintage, Fur Stole: Hand me down)

I've just come back from 2 lovely days in London with all the wonderful blogger girlies, we went to the boohoo christmas dinner and it was wonderful! I know I know its a bit early for christmas but it was so much fun being festive, eating roast dinner and taking selfies with santa.
We got to stay in a hotel after the party so all me and all the lovely blogger besties got very drunk and had a very fun night in the hotel eating cheesy chips and having a good old chinwag! 
I wore this outfit but it was freezing so I popped on my knee high asos booties and a big fluffy coat and I was good to go.
Gotta dash I've gotta be up at 4am so I'm writing this post very very very quickly...
Eeek, bye! 


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stay High

I'm so so so so so in love with these funky monkey boots. I first saw them on Helena and died. They are the perfect winter boot. Thigh high to keep your legs nice and warm, they are a suede material as well for extra coziness! They go with absolutely everything. Such a statement boot. They keep going out of stock but they do come back I promise. Just keep checking! 
I can't wait to wear them when it gets really cold with my full length fur coat. Yep you heard that right. In summer I found a full length black fur coat at a car boot sale for a tenner! Its mental but so fabulous. and sassy.