Monday, 8 December 2014

Paddington Tiger

photos by my babe Lulutrixabelle
(Coat: Asos, Hat: Jumble Sale, Netted Top & Trousers: Car boot Sale, Top: Studded Petals (via depop), Boots: Topshop, Earrings: Ebay, Sunnies: MinkPink)

I’m really loving blogging at the moment, I go through stages but I think its here for good now. I’ve christened my friend Charlie as my official blog photographer so he’s hopefully going to meet me every week and we are gunna take some funky shots of funky outfits. Sound funky right? Operation super blogger starts now.
On another happy note, life is pretty grand right now, I seem to have everything going for me and although this weather makes me want to cry, I’m really enjoying London life and kinda don’t want to be anywhere else. (….other than possibly on a carribean beach with leonardo di caprio, but ya kno, thats not exactly likely to happen so ill stick with what I've got I guess) 
Oh also… THIS COAT.
I’ve never received so many compliments on anything ever. Literally I get stopped at least 5 times a week from people asking me where its from. Its the ultimate perfect coat. Merci B Asos, you did it again.



  1. Absolutely in love with your style and confidence! Wish I could pull looks like this off or aspects of it!

  2. I am so happy your enjoying life at the moment! Your blog is one of my longtime favourites!
    I love this coat as well! & the net top is amazing


  3. these photos are cool!

  4. You look so bloody awesome!!!!!!!! The fur is magnificent :):):) xo

  5. I'm not usually huge on that many colours in one thing but wow that coat! <3

  6. that coat is perfection indeed!! x

  7. Such a great outfit, I love that mesh top it's so cool! I desperately need to move to London! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  8. You are my fur inspiration, I love it

  9. that coat is absolutely amazing!

  10. Love love love the coat Tiger!

  11. That coat is amazing ! I'm really obsessed with that hat !! Do you have any ideas where I can find one ?



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