Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I Want Never Gets

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Hi Friends, Its wednesday night and i've been a victim of internet shopping/lusting for the past 2 hours. I swear the later it gets in the night the worse it gets? I have often bought things spontanously at about 2am... Unfortunetely i dont really have the money to spend at the moment but if i did heres everything i would be buying. As I said in my last post, I just cant get enough of the 70s so im all over anything furry, flared and glittery. Im thinking glastonbury meets penny lane meets disco. In winter. Yah. That just about describes what im trying to go for at the moment. 
If any of you get trains to work, school or whatever go check me out in the metro! I was featured this week for my emerald flares. They were stopping people in the street wearing emerald and snapped me up. Let me know if you spot me! (@ttigerlilly) xox 

 Tune of le jour: HNNY- For The Very First Time Just rediscovered this song and ive fallen in love all over again. Hnny have some funky sounds, go check em out !

Thursday, 23 October 2014


(Boots: la moda*, Flares & Choker: Willows Call, Top: Jumble Sale, Jacket (now on sale!): boohoo, Coat: Vintage, similar here)

I can't help but absolutely adore the 70's trend that is fast approaching. Fur, fluff, velvet, flares & massive oversized hats! J'adore.
I feel like a modern day Penny Lane. In winter. Thats all I've ever aspired to be. Cant get enough of her laid-back bohemian vibes. Ahhhh.. If you have no idea what I'm on about, go watch Almost Famous and tell me you don't wanna be her! Its my ultimate favourite film.
These wonderful flares are by Willows Call  she has a massive selection of beautiful flares, all really reasonably prices and she's uk based. Im already planning on getting another pair. Think I might get the gray/purple ones. Deeeelish! She also sells amazing hats and chokers and basically anything your bohemian heart desires.
These boots from la moda are the perfect platforms for flares, they are really flat and comfy to walk in (feels like your walking on sponges) and give you that extra bit of height making your legs look super long under the flares.

Song of the day: Dreadzone- First Steps 
its nearly friday so lets get groovy!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Is That My Grandmas Carpet?

Hello my gorgeous fashion friends. Do you remember me?! I know its been aaaaaaages since I posted but I've been feeling so uninspired to blog recently but after hanging out with some really lovely bloggers last week I all of a sudden felt inspired again to blog. 
I forgot how much I love blogging and I am so so grateful for the experiences it has brought me. Not to mention all the lovely friends I have made through blogging. So I've decided to give it another go this time with a bit more pahzazzz! 
I've been super busy in the past few weeks. Ive been non stop house hunting and boy is it draining. I didn't realise how hard it was looking for a house in london. Literally the houses go so so fast, you really have to get in there quick! Unfortuentely I'm still not a resident of our countries capital. Gah. Im trying to keep faith.. 
Ive also been busy photographing and videographing for motel rocks which is uhhmazzing and I've been LOVING it. Thanks a lot to the wonderful lulutrixabelle for hiring me! Ill show you guys some of the shots soon, its been so much fun hanging out and shooting with loads of sassy bloggers. 

I've decided for every outfit post I will link a tune I have been loving so, for todays tune of zee day I give you: Caribou - can't do without you  such a dreamy beautiful song. Enjoy.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014



So you haven't heard of VLLFW? Ok lemme fill you in. VLLFW= Very Late London Fashion Week. (Duh its the new fashion lingo.. do you not speak zee fashion?)
 I'm sorry this post is so late. Fashion Week was about a month ago now... Whoops! 
Just a quick summary: fashion week was rather lovely. Got to see my favourite chica (chic-a = see what I did there ;) ) Amy and we had such a fun time going to shows, being chauffeured around by popchips (we got free popchips too mmmm) and getting drunk! All in a day! I love LFW as the outfits are always so great. I saw so many fabulous fashionistas peacocking around, its sorta like all your favourite fashion tumblr pictures but in real life. So much inspiration. I love it. 
Aside from fashion week I've been trying to sort out a house in London with Grace. We had the most gorgeous house and everything was all peachy and great until our landlord decided to go with someone else privately as they were offering more money. So 3 days before we were all supposed to move out we had to hold our horses on packing and start looking for a new place. So far we have had no luck. Its so crap. I didn't even realise you could do that.
If anyone wants two lovely roomies and live in London holla at me! (We can totally share clothes!)