Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015

(Skirt: Vintage Gift from Lulutrixabelle and Sarah Ashcroft (babes) similar here, Top: Vintage from Portobello Market, Hat: H&M, Boots: Public Desire, Sunnies: Blitz Vintage)

Happy New Year beautiful people!!
I hope you all had a glittery champagne influenced start to the year, and I hope that you all stayed up all night and boogied till you dropped. Don't know about you guys but I felt I didn't do enough dancing at all. I went to two house parties and by 3 am I was all snuggled up in bed with friends because it was SO cold in this house we were at. Don't know what was wrong with the central heating in that house but jesus it was like the north pole. So like any sensible people, we all hyjacked the bed and that was my night!
New years day was very happily spent in bed with my boyfriend, watching films and eating dominos. Great start to the year me thinks.
 What did you guys do? How was your start to this fabulous year? 
I have a very good feeling about this year, I'm ready to kick some ass! Are you?!



  1. Love these pictures, that top is amazing. I wish I was cool enough to pull off sunglasses in winter hehe x

  2. Your new years day sounded like mine! Hope you had a good new year :-) gorgeous top btw xx

  3. b-a-b-e!! seriously think this is one of ma fav outfitssss

  4. Love this!

    Happy New Year :)
    Skai x

  5. Looooookin good! Love this top tiger!

  6. I LOVE this outfit. The skirt especially!
    Happy new year x

  7. Such a great outfit! Your top is my favourite.
    Your nye sounds fun even if it was cold! I worked a night shift but I shall make up for it this weekend!


  8. Woah, that top and that skirt is amazing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  9. You look great! Love this outfit x

  10. love that crop top!

  11. Snap - I also have a good feeling about 2015! And you should be, you're totally owning it in that top with that gorge hair xx 👌😙

  12. love this outfit, detail on the top is fab!

    Emmie xx

  13. This outfit is gorgeous, that is such an awesome skirt! Happy New Year!

  14. All your outfits are always on point ;)

  15. I absolutely LOVE your vintage style. My life would be a lot better if i had your wardrobe!

  16. That skirt is so beautiful! And the sunglasses just make the outfit xx

  17. Your outfits just get better and better! **tears**
    So beautiful!!

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