Thursday, 28 May 2015

Flares Galore!

Flares flares flares flares flares flares. Its the biggest trend for spring summer and as you already know I am a huge supporter. From my experience flares go with everything and anything and work for pretty much any occasion. You can wear them down with a baggy tshirt, a floppy hat and sandals or dress them up with a funky crop top, big old chunky heels and a red lip. Here I've hand selected my favourite flares from across asos, topshop, motel rocks and missguided that are on sale now and totally affordable. Go on, what you waiting for? Let your inner boho babe shine...

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Crochet Dreams

(Shoes n Shades: La Moda, Necklace: Little shop off Oxford Circus, Coat: Missguided*, Bell Bottoms: Ette Clothing, Crochet Top: Shop Jessthetics*)

I tried desperately not to wear a hat with this look as I wear the EXACT SAME HAT IN EVERY BLOG POST EVER EVER EVER. I know. I feel like its almost become my trademark. I find it really really strange not wearing a hat. Mainly because I hate my hair at the moment but also I love wearing hats because you can essentially hide whenever you want. Not that I ever need to hide but sometimes its nice to block yourself out from the world, put your head down and be in your own little hat bubble. 
I can't recommend these Ette flares enough. I wear them allllll the time and still not bored of them. They go with absolutely everything and are the comfiest trousers in the world. They are quite thin so are the absolute perfect summer trouser. Gaawd I just want all of the flares. 


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Let Loose In Lucy's Closet

(All clothes: Lulutrixablle's wardrobe)

All girls tend to borrow and lend out their clothes to their besties and its kinda the best thing ever. Especially when your the same shoe size too. Lucky for me one of my best friends is Lulutrixabelle. Lucy let me play dress up at her house and let me tell you, that wardrobe is impressive. She has a whole room full of clothes and shoes, and more clothes... I was in heaven.
We were talking about festival season and it got me SO excited so I thought I better come up with a funky monkey festival outfit to pop on my blog.. and here it is.
I tend to go glitter or go home when it comes to festival outfits, anything sequins anything crazy and anything colourful, ill wear it!
This year I'm going to Isle of Weight, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Bestival. I also really want to hit up Shambala but haven't got my ticket yet. I'm going to Bestival with the confettis and im so so excited. The outfits are gunna be INSANE, watch out Bestival, Confetti Crowd are gunna take ya by storm! PACHOOOW!


Tuesday, 12 May 2015


(Dress: Motel Rocks*, Jacket: Cow Vintage*, Sunnies: Stone Fox*, Boots: Asos, Belt: Charity Shop, Hat: Miss Selfridge via Lulutrixabelle)

Oh look, another blogger wearing ''THE BOOTS'', I thought i'd had enough of these boots too but then again they are still really great boots and I can't seem to stop wearing them. Also Lucy and I went raving in batching ''the boots'' a few months back and I gotta say, ''the boots'' love the rave and the rave loves ''the boots''. 
This jacket is my new favourite, it jazzed up a really basic outfit and also looks pretty funky with my matching flag converse (outfit post coming soon).  Cow vintage are hands down the best vintage shop i've ever been in. I visited their shop when I was in manchester and it was magical. Usually I find vintage shops stock the same old shit; levi denim shorts, a long array of check shirts, denim jackets etc etc, but in Cow there were loads of little gems and were so reasonably priced too. 
If your ever in manchester make sure to hit them up. You wont be disappointed. 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Fringe Forever & Ever & Ever

 (Hat: Miss Selfridge but a gift from Lucy, Choker: Mums, Coin Necklace: Shop Dixi, Jumpsuit: H&M coachella , Fringe Waistcoat: Lucy's Depop, Shorts: Willows Call, Boots: Miista via Depop, Sunnies: Rokit Vintage, Mirror Bralet: Topshop)

Hey dudes, hows it going?
I rocked up to Lucy's the other day and we put together some of our favourite pieces to create the perfect festival outfits which will be featured on Lucy's Youtube channel soon. This outfit forfilled my 70's bohemian clothing cravings, I'd definitely rock something like this to Coachella. I love everything and anything fringe so mixing this top with this waistcoat made it pretty free flowing and would be the best outfit to dance in I'm sure.
I can't wait for festival season, its honestly what I wait for all year. I wish it was hot and gorgeous all year round so festivals could happen every weekend. Ah, the dream!
 I've actually already started planning my Glastonbury outfits and thats in 2 months. Woops. You can never be to prepared though right? My wardrobe so far consists of anything sparkly, colourful and loud. I like to go all out with crazy outfits at festivals, including any fancy dress I can get my hands on.  Neeeee this is making me excited, bring on glastonbury!