Monday, 28 September 2015

Rainbow Chick

(Top: Moon dance shop, Hat & Belt: Car boot sale, Jeans: Blitz Vintage, Shoes: Asos sold out Similar Here, Shades: La Moda)

This outfit was one that I literally just chucked on in 2 minutes with no cares in the world if it matched or anything but as I left the house and caught myself in the mirror (oi oi) I realised that it was one of my most favourite outfits I have ever put together. I had been looking for a crochet rainbow hat for ages and lucky me did some digging in a little box at a car boot sale and found this gem. Success! Little tip when car booting, rummage in everything! You never know what you are gunna find and its not always straight in front of you. Little life tip too! 


  1. 'Rummage in everything, you never know what you're gonna find ... it's not always right in front of you'

    Words to live by! Also super cute outfit going on gurl!

    Dana || Fashion Dew

  2. love the editing for these photos!

  3. Luuuurve this

    x Camilla

  4. love!

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