Tuesday, 27 October 2015


(Dress: Motel Rocks, Coat: Missguided, Necklace: Shop Dixi, Hat: Missguided, Boots: La Moda, Shades: La Moda, Belt: Car Boot Sale)

How wonderful is this dress! Its the ULTIMATE winter sparkle dress for all those funky christmas parties for sure!!! I'm also head over heels for this star coat. I have never ever received so many compliments on a coat. I get at least one person a day complimenting this coat whenever I wear it and its sooooooo cozy. mmmmm...


Friday, 23 October 2015


As winter stars to creep in, I thought id put together a little wishlist of beautiful garments that can take you from october through to november with some shaggy coats and sparkles! When in doubt always wear something sparkly and furry. That look never looks bad!


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Green House

(Top: Car boot sale, Skirt: Missguided, Boots: Doc Marten Aggyness Deyn, Kimono: Beyond Retro, Shades: La Moda, Necklace: Rock N Rose)

Everytime Lucy and I go to Notting Hill to shoot blog photos we ALWAYS go to this house. Its makes any outfit pop and also can make a really crap outfit look like a really great outfit.
The whole road has rainbow houses on, its the perfect backdrop for blog photos.
My newest obsession is these boots. I can't seem to take them off. My friend Sharmena lent me hers last week (what a great friend) and I knew I would be super sad giving them back so I looked on eBay & depop and managed to snag my own pair on depop for only £50. Bargain!
Depop always delivers. 

Saturday, 17 October 2015


(Dress: Cow Vintage, Boots: Confetti Crowd X SCHUH (made by yours truly), Shades: La Moda)

I wore this outfit to the impulse event the other day with my Confettis. The event was really really cool and the gorgeous Charli XCX played. Shes SO frigging cool man!
The party was really fun, we rocked the dance floor (per usual), drank numerous cocktails and abused the photobooth. Seriously though we were in there for about 20 minutes... What can I say bloggers just lurrrrve photobooths.
About 8 months ago I went to Manchester with Heidi and Shy to go to a La Moda event, while we were there we stopped off at Cow which is the coolest vintage shop in manchester evuuuur. I picked up this amazing vintage dress and was waiting for the perfect event to wear it. Its all over sequins and has a collection of random symbols and pictures which I think resemble emojis.  So its my emoji dress!
See if you can spot the pokeball.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Zig Zag

(Flared Jumpsuit: Phussy, Belt: Thailand, Coat: Lone Rascal, Shades: La Moda, Shoes: Miista)

Have you ever seen a jumpsuit THIS funky before?!! I sure hadn't until I got sent this beautiful piece by the lovely Phussy. Oliva the girl who owns the brand is SUPER sassy and sells the most amazing unique handmade pieces. Definitely worth a look if you fancy something fun and different.
I paired it with this fur jacket to add a bit more pazazzz to le outfit.
Over n out, I have a dinner party to go to!


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Crochet Poncho

(Poncho: Portobello Market, Jeans: Boohoo, Belt: Car boot sale, Bag & Shades: La Moda, Shoes: Car boot sale, Hat: Rokit Vintage)

I walked past this poncho on portobello road last week and couldn't resist it. I've been wanting something similar for a while and realised a crochet poncho was totally what I've been missing. Plus it was only £10 oh hi! Portobello market seems quite expensive if your a newbie but little portobello road secret: if you go to the very end of the road, under the westway, everything is £10 or under but you have got to be prepared to rummage!
This jeans have been my favorite for ages now, they keep getting more and more ripped and I LOVE it. I think ill keep wearing them until there is no jean left! I think they look like the Unif jeans but a fabulous alternative as they are only £25 from boohoo. Can ya say BARRRGAAAAIN?!


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Lone Rascal

(Two piece: Lone Rascal ShortsTop, Boots: Miista, Belt: Bought in Thailand, Fringe Belt: Asos, Hat: Asos)

This outfit was the outfit that I wore to London Fashion Week until it all of a sudden got really cold, then rained and I was forced into hibernation. I like Fashion Week because I love going to the shows but what I don't like is how pooey the weather usually is and how exhausting it is. I only went for one day because I didn't really enjoy the first day. The organisers had moved the event from Somerset House to a crappy car park in Soho. There was loads of traffic, loads of people and it just looked like pure chaos. So as you can imagine, myself and a couple of the confettis didn't stay for long.
How gorgeous is my new two piece though? Lone Rascal do some absolutely gorgeous bits, go check them out!