Saturday, 17 October 2015


(Dress: Cow Vintage, Boots: Confetti Crowd X SCHUH (made by yours truly), Shades: La Moda)

I wore this outfit to the impulse event the other day with my Confettis. The event was really really cool and the gorgeous Charli XCX played. Shes SO frigging cool man!
The party was really fun, we rocked the dance floor (per usual), drank numerous cocktails and abused the photobooth. Seriously though we were in there for about 20 minutes... What can I say bloggers just lurrrrve photobooths.
About 8 months ago I went to Manchester with Heidi and Shy to go to a La Moda event, while we were there we stopped off at Cow which is the coolest vintage shop in manchester evuuuur. I picked up this amazing vintage dress and was waiting for the perfect event to wear it. Its all over sequins and has a collection of random symbols and pictures which I think resemble emojis.  So its my emoji dress!
See if you can spot the pokeball.



  1. Oh my goodness. Absolutely adore that dress! And as for that backdrop... I die! x

  2. Ah so much sparkle, amazing look and the location is purrfect! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. That dress is amazing! I love COW, there's one in Nottingham and I definitely miss it now I'm in London! x

  4. amazing! you always look incredible xo

  5. Wow those boots are fantastic! I've been seeing a lot of pins/patches decorating jackets right now, but not boots - very cool piece.

    xx Alyssa

  6. Ooo loving the dress, all the details so pretty.


  7. This is such a brilliant outfit! Cow have some amazing pieces. x

    A Fashion Tale // UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Where can I get those amazing boots?! I've been admiring them in your posts and confetti crowd pics for weeks now and I'd die to get some! If they're a diy type of thing (I think I saw a confetti crowd post where you guys all made and customized shoes) then I honestly think they are something you should look into getting mass manufactured and selling (maybe sell them on Helena's Sassyworld site.) I would definitely buy them and I know other people most definitely would too.its an incredibly creative idea that I haven't seen anywhere else! Capitalize on this, babe! I know I would if I had thought of it! Lol

  9. I've been dying to know where you got your boots from for the past couple of days since seeing them on Instagram as well ^^

  10. That dress is beyond cool, it's fab with your boots xx


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