Monday, 12 October 2015

Zig Zag

(Flared Jumpsuit: Phussy, Belt: Thailand, Coat: Lone Rascal, Shades: La Moda, Shoes: Miista)

Have you ever seen a jumpsuit THIS funky before?!! I sure hadn't until I got sent this beautiful piece by the lovely Phussy. Oliva the girl who owns the brand is SUPER sassy and sells the most amazing unique handmade pieces. Definitely worth a look if you fancy something fun and different.
I paired it with this fur jacket to add a bit more pazazzz to le outfit.
Over n out, I have a dinner party to go to!



  1. Love the structure on that fur coat, getting like samuri vibes with those shoulders, amazing!

    Dana || Fashion Dew || Uk Fashion Blog

  2. This look is killer! So sexy, funky, amazing! Love it.

  3. This look suits you so well! Love the colour.

    Anika |

  4. this outfit gives me life, it's seriously perfect, my favourite from any blogger this year

  5. best.outfit.ever! <3 x

  6. You outstandingly sassy human



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