Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ribena Light Colouring Cafe!

So last week, the Confetti's and I went down to the incredible Ribena Light colouring cafe in London to join in in their latest campaign that is all about the quirks and fun things of everyday life...

The cafe was amazing, everything was so colourful and fun, we spent the day colouring, eating delicious cakes and drinking lots and lots of Ribena Light. HEAVEN!
Each person got given a tile to colour in which then eventually when placed all together made this incredible fun & fruity illustration of 'the quirks of everyday life' drawn by the amazing Bristolian artist Alex Lucas. The illustration featured loads of quirky animals, funky buildings, a crazy ice cream van, just to name a few!

We had such a lovely fun and uplifting time colouring, who else forgot how amazing colouring is? It was so fun and quirky just sitting there sharing colouring pens and exploring the potentials with the colouring pens. It was really cool seeing how other people had coloured in their tiles, some had gone with the 'staying between the lines' and colouring things in 'how they are supposed to look' and others totally jumbled it up and went crazy with random colours, shapes and patterns. I ended up colouring it this amazing looking fox in a sort of tie dye rainbow effect. He looked great! 

Once we had all coloured in our tiles and had eaten our body weight in cakes, we put all the tiles together and then the Ribena team did a lil shingaling whilst we weren't watching and told us to wait for the 'big reveal'. To be honest, Heli & I thought the big reveal was just going to be all our tiles put together to make the big picture which was pretty impressive in itself! But alas, no. We all gathered around the illustration and then it came alive! The whole picture started lighting up in places in time to the music (Ribena's latest advert song i.e the most catching most bopping song ever, you would have bound to have heard it on tv!) It was so fun! You couldn't help but laugh, smile, and dance! Such a tune! It was a really lovely end to the most joyful & fun day. 

Thanks to Ribena Light for inviting us, what an amazing day! Click here to see more and view the video...